Aspire West Africa held its annual Top Entrepreneurs Conference and Awards night recently on the 18th of July, 2012 at the famous Holiday Inn Hotel, Accra, Ghana. The Conference which was on the theme: The Role of Noble Leaders in Building a Formidable Enterprise in West Africa was attended by many dignitaries and diplomats across West Africa. Read More  

About Aspire WestAfrica
The Aspire West Africa is a world-class media outfit with a sub-regional outlook founded in Accra, Ghana. Though rooted in West Africa, it has branched out to the United States and some parts of Africa. It is renowned for its exceptional media services, liaising with individuals, various bodies, organisations, ministries, governments and parastatals for excellent dissemination of information, for business operations and to bring about business integration in the sub-region.

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To be the foremost sub-regional magazine for positive change and excellence, setting high standards for others.

To be the trusted voice of the sub-region through print and screen media.

Aims & Objectives

1. To be part of the solutions to the problems of the sub-region through the dissemination of journals, magazine, pamphlets and conferences that takes a critical look at issues and the way out.
2. Identifying agents of positive change within the sub-region and promote them. ...Read More

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